Muslims Urged by Palestinian Scholar to Prepare for Battle Against Infidels

Palestinian Islamic scholar claims that "Islam" and "fighting" are inseparable and calls Muslims to go fight infidels “before they come here.”

On February 8th, in a YouTube video posted by Al-Waqiyah TV channel, Palestinian Islamic scholar Sheikh Yousef Makharzah said that Islam and fighting are "inseparable," called infidels insolent and urged Muslims to attack infidels in America and said that fear is what stops the infidels from stealing people's spouses and lands.

The term "infidel" defines an individual who is unfaithful. In the Islamic verse, it means a person who does not believe in God or rejects God.

According to the scholar, the infidels are insolent, and that is why Islam and fighting cannot be separated. He also claims that having a good wife or land will make you (Muslims) a target of the infidels who want to steal your wives or lands.

Makharzah added that "fear" is what keeps the infidels from attacking, and without that, they will come at you. He then said that for this purpose, Allah told the Holy Prophet to 'Fight for the sake of Allah.'

"You should prepare to go and fight the infidels in America before they come here. If you do not go after them, they will come after you. America today leads the world in corruption. It is the pharaoh of this world. Every day, it occupies another country and commits slaughter there. This is a violation of human rights and runs counter to America's values. If you ask them why they kill these poor, wretched people, they tell you that this is a preemptive war because these people are terrorists, and if we do not go to their own turf and strike them in their caves before they grow stronger, they will come after us. America allowed for a preemptive war, using this argument," he said.

The scholar then said that the history lessons about the Arabs being aggressors and invaders are false. He then alleged that the reason why Arabs invaded Spain was the exact reason why America invaded Afghanistan.

"The nations that conquered us joined our religion. The backward Tatars conquered Baghdad and returned as Muslims. They converted. Anyone who integrates with us becomes good, but when someone integrates with you, he has sex with his mother and sister."

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