Neil deGrasse Tyson Will Return to Television

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In 2017 and 2018, Neil deGrasse Tyson was accused of sexual misconduct by three women. Two of them accused him of unwanted advances and the third said that he raped her while they were together in school in the 80s. He denied the accusations and presented his side of the story while the television networks Tyson works for launched investigations into the claims. Those two television networks decided to remove TV shows starring Tyson from their schedule, so Fox postponed the premier of “Cosmos” and “Possible Worlds” and “National Geographic” removed “Star Talk” from its schedule. It looks like the investigation has ended and “Star Talk” would resume in April while “Cosmos” would premiere soon enough.

The investigation's results were not made public and there was no public report so it is not yet known what the investigation found. According to Patheos, the women who made the allegations said they were contacted by and spoke with investigators, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re happy with the let’s-just-move-on result from the networks. [Tchiya Amet El Maat] said she was interviewed by a representative from Fox as part of its investigation, as well as someone from the American Museum of Natural History, where Dr. Tyson directs the Hayden Planetarium. “I feel ignored,” Ms. Amet said. She said she planned to become “more vocal, more active” in response.

Without the public report, the scope of the investigation remains unclear about whether Dr. Tyson committed the acts that he was accused of, or whether he did anything in the workplace itself. It is highly possible that investigators working for Fox and National Geographic were only looking into what took place during Tyson's work for the corporation and were not concerned by what he did earlier in his life or somewhere outside of corporation's property. That means that the rape allegation from the 80s would not be looked into by networks' investigators and the allegation of inappropriate touching that took place somewhere else would not be of concern to them as a legal matter. The allegation of coming on to women who worked for him would be of interest to them but the question is whether or not his actions exceeded boundaries.

The networks' investigation was concluded and by their further actions it looks like they did not find that Tyson was guilty for sexual misconduct. He already denied allegations and offered his cooperation in a full investigation; but now he will return to his TV shows and what he does best — exciting people about scientific matters.


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