New African Atheist YouTube Channel: Atheist Republic Cape Town!

Atheist Republic (AR) is thrilled to announce a new addition to our network of YouTube channels: Atheist Republic Cape Town. AR has many YouTube channels that provide atheist-centered content for diverse communities, including the main English channel, the Persian channel, the Arabic channel, and now our first channel focusing on the African continent!

This new channel is made possible through the contribution of one of our long-time members, Dean Kruger. Dean is a South African atheist who has been a leader in Atheist Republic’s Cape Town consulate since June 2019. While the channel may take its name specifically from Cape Town, the channel’s vision is much larger, with plans to platform atheists and secular activists from across the African continent.

Here you can watch the recent interview with Harrison Mumia, the Founder and President of the Atheists In Kenya Society.

To celebrate the launch of this new channel, Atheist Republic spoke to Dean Kruger about this new project and atheism in Africa. 

Atheist Republic: What inspired you to start the channel?

Dean Kruger: Our motivation for starting the channel is two-fold. We noticed that the demographics of our consulate were almost exclusively caucasian in an African country. This was followed by some interesting conversations about the legacy of colonialism and also what it actually means to be African. First and foremost the purpose of the channel is to give a voice and a platform to women and atheists of African ethnicity. We want to break the stereotype that all atheists are old white men (which is simply not the case.) Secondly, we wish to normalize atheism, to have those conversations that empower and embolden a marginalized community.

AR: Who do you want to profile and give a voice to on the channel?

DK: We want to give preference to women and atheists of African ethnicity, but in the spirit of "a community for atheists, by atheists" we will have conversations with any atheist to learn from, and share the experience of those who take the journey with us. We are in a continent of storytellers and narrators, and I have found that every single person has a story to tell. Authentic, real conversations draw people nearer and are also more intimate and relatable.

AR: What is it like to be an atheist in South Africa? 

DK: We have, in South Africa, a constitution that enshrines the freedom of expression and religion (or lack thereof.) This is not the case in most African countries. The freedom that we have in South Africa needs to be cherished and exercised. This all sounds great in theory, but in practice, Africans find atheism quite shocking and irreverent.

AR: What is your experience with Atheist Republic, and why have you decided to be a member of our global community?

DK: We are passionate about community building and I recognized early in life the power of the solidarity found in a shared cause, experience, or identity. Imagine my delight when I discovered not only a global community of atheists but one that was so welcoming and purpose-driven at that! My experience with the Atheist Republic has been one that inspires, empowers, and informs with regular news, opinions, insights, information, and support that proves invaluable in our local efforts. Thank you, Armin, Susanna, and Alice!

AR: Thank you, Dean! 

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