New "Love Jihad Hotline" Launches in India

An Indian right-wing Hindu organization announces the 'Love Jihad' helpline for women in Mangaluru.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has launched a 'Love Jihad' helpline to aid women who have allegedly been victims of coerced forceful religious conversions or interfaith marriages.

According to the reports, the helpline has been associated with many Hindu organizations and was created to provide legal and medical assistance, counseling, and rehabilitation to the victims and their family members.

The helpline is operated by a 20-member team consisting of counselors, doctors, and other volunteers, who will help those women in need, said the publicity head (Prachara Pramukh) of VHP, Pradeep Saripalla.

"Many Hindu girls have been converted to Islam, killed, and used to smuggle drugs in the name of love. We have seen all this in coastal Karnataka for many years. That's why, to prevent all such incidents, we have started this 'Love Jihad Helpline, ' which can be accessed by anyone who has been trapped in the Love Jihad," said Pradeep Saripalla.

Love Jihad is a controversial term that describes an alleged phenomenon where Muslim men lured Hindu women to be forcefully converted to Islam by using various methods such as; seduction, deception, feigning love, marriage, blackmailing, and kidnapping.

Two phone numbers were shared by the VHP, of which one is for calling, while another is for Whatsapp. The victims can use these numbers to contact the counselors to seek the necessary help. Not only the women but also their family members have the right to reach this helpline.

9148658108 is for calling, and 9591658108 is for Whatsapp. For easy access, the organization has also provided an email address,

"We will keep all the information confidential. The helpline team contains 20 members, which would work for providing medical help, legal advice, counseling, and rehabilitation. Anybody can call here for help without any fear," said Pradeep Saripalla.

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