New York: Pastor Convicted for Molesting His Own Grandchildren

Roy Harriger

A jury in Orleans County, New York, found a pastor guilty of having molested two of his own grandchildren. Roy Harriger, 71, was accused of molesting three of his grandchildren more than 12 years ago, when they were minors. At the time, Harriger was a pastor at a church in Lyndonville.

All three of Harriger’s victims testified at the trial, as they received support from four of his children. One of Harriger’s daughters, Joy, however stood by her father.

On January 26, a technical glitch occurred when the jury asked for a testimony to be reread from the court’s computer records, which is why the judgment was delayed. However, the following day, Harriger found himself in prison despite the judge at his trial saying his bail would continue and allow him to roam freely until his sentencing, which was due in eight weeks.

Following his arrest last year, Harriger posted a $250,000 bond to ensure his freedom. However, on January 27, the bondman withdrew the bond and delivered Harriger to the Sheriff’s Office. As per New York State law, a bondsman can withdraw a security posted on behalf of a defendant and the law  also allows him or her to reclaim the bond.

Even though it is unclear what led to this reverse decision, sources say it is possible that the bondsman or somebody else that had pledged their assets to secure Harriger’s bond, had lost faith in the pastor and withdrawn it.

Harriger potentially faces decades in prison, which due to his old age could also mean a life sentence.

Some of Harriger’s own children, who claim to have been molested by him as well, were stunned by the judge’s decision to allow the guilty to roam freely even after being convicted.

“Our understanding was he was gonna have his bail revoked. He should not be on the streets. He was convicted of child molestation. That man should not be on the streets,” Harriger's son Robert said.

Photo Credits: Rawstory

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