Nigerian Islamic Police Ban Mannequin Heads Citing Sharia Laws

The state of Kano in northern Nigeria implemented a ban on mannequin heads. The new ban was announced by the Kano State Hisbah Corps, an Islamic police force funded by the government. At the start of July, the Hisbah Corps announced that mannequins with female heads are prohibited in "shops, commercial and private residences, and other public places."

The Hisbah's initial announcement used Islamic teachings that prohibit idolatry as the basis for the banning of the mannequins with heads. The head of the Hisbah Corps, Harun Sani, who goes by Ibn-Sina, explained that the mannequins "with the head on it looks like a human being" and is therefore violating Islam's strict rules against idolatry.

However, Ibn-Sina added, aside from being headless, mannequins should always be covered. He explained that "the shape of the breast, the shape of the bottom, is contrary to the teachings of Sharia." The Sharia or Islamic Law's teachings are heavily dotted with thought-policing. Anything that resembles the female body displayed openly, even for commercial and business purposes, causes men to have "impure thoughts" and, therefore, violate Sharia.

The appointment of Ibn-Sina has seen a drastic increase in harsh and unreasonable implementation of Islamic Laws. Iban-Sina's Hisbah has committed unauthorized arrests on individuals suspected of same-sex intercourse, including individuals suspected of committing premarital sex. He also ordered the confiscation of alcoholic beverages, raiding bars, and dumping the alcoholic drinks, much to the dismay of the business owners.

Ibn-Sina's latest ridiculous act was criticizing the bridal photographs of the Nigerian president's son's bride, Zahra Bayero. Ibn-Sina condemned her wedding dress as it showed her bare shoulders.

A radio talk show host, Moses Ajebo, claimed that he had received a lot of feedback from citizens who disagree with the Hisbah's order. Business owners at Sabon Gari, an area in Kano state with a sizable Christian population, also disagree with the Hisbah's order.

Ibn-Sina's ban on the mannequin heads also garnered adverse reactions from other Muslims, especially the younger generation who thinks his interpretation of the hadith is wrong.

An unnamed Imaam also expressed his disagreement with Ibn-Sina, explaining that although Islam explicitly forbids idolatry, the Prophet Muhammad, on the other hand, clearly stated that "Allah (is) judging your intentions. Unless you are bowing down to a mannequin, it can't be seen as a sin."

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