North Carolina Students Can Pray At School, Mention God In Assignments

NC Students Can Pray at School

For those who live in North Carolina, prayers and God are making a comeback in schools. New legislation approved by Governor Pat McCrory saying students can now engage in voluntary prayers as well as mention God in their assignments. Additionally, the law allows students to form religious clubs in schools and coordinate with different prayer groups.

The three-page law permits students to pray silently, loudly, alone as well as with others. Reportedly, the law is aimed at bringing religious students at par with non-religious students. The law also specifies that students’ actions cannot harass other students, disrupt learning processes or infringe upon the rights of others.

Alisha Rogers, mother of a 7-year-old student, said she was pleased with the law because her son allegedly got into trouble recently for discussing God with a fellow student, which offended a teacher.

“I had to comfort him and let him know it was OK and that he could talk about him wherever he would love,” Rogers said.

While some parents are rather happy with the prayer in school law, not everyone has expressed the same emotion.

“… what folks don’t connect is the fact that in breaking down the barrier between church and state means that the stage is set for other religious factions and belief systems to also gain entry. This is a useless law that codifies something that any child could have already done, but now it’s law. I am so glad the GOP has its priorities straight,” said another parent who requested anonymity.

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