Strippers vs. Nuns! Nuns Sue Strip Club Located Next to Convent

Nuns VS Strippers

A group of nuns in Stone Park, located 20 miles from downtown Chicago, have filed a lawsuit to shut down a strip club that was opened behind their convent. The nuns received support from local residents as well as residents from the neighbouring village of Melrose Park when they expressed their desire to have Club Allure, which is situated on the border of both localities, shut down.

The nuns from St Charles Borromeo Scalabrinian Sisters Convent and Novitiate held a protest vigil against the strip club on June 13th, with approximately 60 people from Stone Park and Melrose Park joining them. Tom Brejcha, the nuns’ attorney clarified according to the state law, adult clubs cannot function within 1,000 feet of an educational institution or a house of worship.

Pat Zito, a 47-year-old resident of Stone Park, said she had never feared men preying on teen girls in her neighbourhood until the club opened up. After loud music, screeching tires and women’s shrieks antagonized Zito, she decided to join the nuns in filing suit against Club Allure.

“We do not feel as secure as we did before. There is garbage put on the streets that was not there before, things we do not like children to even question, and the noises in the middle of the night,” said Zito.

Sean O’Brien, owner of Club Allure, said he was not aware of any rowdy customers and his lawyers would take care of the legal matter.

“I don’t understand why they feel unsafe. I invite anybody that wants to accuse us of being loud and noisy and having lights everywhere to stop back here at 10 o’clock at night and see what you think yourself,” said O’Brien.

The nuns have been staging vigils every Friday since June 13th to pressurize Stone Park in closing down the club.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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