Nutjob Pastor Goes on a Literal Witch-Hunt

On Sunday, February 13, the attendance at the Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee heard a bizarre closing to their service. When the service was about to end, the church’s pastor, Rev. Greg Locke, began telling his church about the witches amongst them.

“To God be the glory, I lie not,” Locke preceded his tail-sermon. He then shared his conversation with a demon who disclosed to him the names of the six witches in his church. “We got first and last names of six witches that are in our church,” Locke said. “And you know what’s strange? Three of you are in this room right now,” he said menacingly.

Locke is known for peddling extraordinarily conservative and homophobic sermons. Locke’s escapades include attacking LGBTQ communities and accusing Democrats of child abuse. He also wallowed on election fraud claims in recent years and peddled vaccine and covid misinformation.

Locke explained that the demon who gave him the names of the witches was from an exorcism he performed on a new member. “We wrote them all down. That devil gave us the names … and then we commanded it in the name of Jesus,” he added.

He recounted his conversation with the demon, complete with grungy voice switching.

Locke said two of the witches are members of his wife’s bible study group in a video tweeted by atheist blogger Hemant Mehta. He warned that he would expose their identity if the witches made their move.

“You so much as cough wrong and I’ll expose in front of everybody under this tent, you stinking spell-casting, pharmakeia devil-worshiping and mongrel,” Locke said. “You were sent to destroy this church,” he exclaimed.

The Reverend assured his congregants that he was being truthful by swearing on the Bible.”Hand to God, in the name of Jesus, if I’m lying if I’m over exaggerating what I’m trying to tell these people for the purpose of clicks and likes, may I drop dead preaching on the platform having blasphemed the power of the Holy Ghost in front of everybody.”

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