Oklahoma Bans Secular Marriages to Attack Atheists and Homosexuals

Oklahoma Statehouse

Last month, Oklahoma deemed it fit to restrict marriage to only those people who believe in God. A bill limiting the right to marry to only those people who have faith and necessitating all marriage licenses to be sanctioned by clergy member, was approved by the State House on March 10.

Passed by Republicans and now ready to be presented at the State Senate, House Bill 1125 would successfully prohibit all secular marriages in Oklahoma.

“Marriage was not instituted by government. It was instituted by God. There is no reason for Oklahoma or any state to be involved in marriage,” said one of the bill's Republican supporters, Dennis Johnson, despite marriage being a legal contract.

Even though the bill does not seem to be fuelled by the intention of discriminating against atheists, it surely appears to attack same-sex marriages. By limiting the sanctioning of marriage licenses to clergy members and not judges or court clerks, the bill would ensure gay and lesbian couples have a hard time acquiring them for their marriages.

Oklahomans for Equality referred to the proposal as an all-out attack on LGBT citizens of Oklahoma.

Photo Credits: Huffington Post

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