Oklahoma City: Teenage Satanist Alleges Discrimination at School

Valyntyne Hale

A teenage Satanist in Oklahoma City recently alleged that her school has been targeting her because of her religious beliefs that keep her from blending in with the crowd. While officials at Del Crest Middle School clarified that the recent incident involving 14-year-old Valyntyne Hale had nothing to do with her religious beliefs, explaining how she had been pulled up for repeatedly violating the school’s dress code provisions, both Hale and her father insisted that the school has been picking on her for her unusual fashion choices.

According to the eighth grader, the latest incident saw her being humiliated on grounds that the skirt she was wearing was too short even though both Hale and her father continue to deny that claim.

“I looked at him and said, ‘it’s not too short’ and he said ‘well it comes up in the back.’ I know my dress, it doesn’t come up in the back,” Hale said.

Despite growing accusations that the school has a problem with Hale’s religious beliefs, officials said it was only her skirt that they objected to. 

In a statement, the school stated, “A student was asked to change her skirt today because the length of the skirt was deemed too short for the school dress code.”

Speaking to the media, Hale’s father cited several other instances where his daughter was pulled up for wearing something odd to school, while insisting that it is not her fashion choices they contend but her religious beliefs.

“The school doesn’t like it at all. The school is bound and determined to use any means necessary to try to convert her to Christianity,” Hale’s father stated.

According to both daughter and father, the school wants to pressure Hale into taking off the necklace she wears around her neck that displays her anti-Christian views.

“He went, ‘I don’t get why you won’t take the dog collar off,’ and I stopped and looked at him blankly and said, ‘It’s not a dog collar,'” Hale said.

Brady Henderson of American Civil Liberties Union, Oklahoma explained that the school would be within its constitutional rights if it is mutually enforcing the same dress code provisions on Hale that it does on every other student. However, the school would be violating its constitutional rights if Hale is found to be the only student that is being singled out for her unusual religious beliefs, he said.

Photo Credits: CMG Digital

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