Online Atheist Group (r/atheism) Raises $10K for Typhoon Victims

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As part of their annual charity drive, r/atheism is raising funds up to $10,000 for Doctors Without Borders who are currently helping those who fell victim to typhoon Haiyan in Philippines last month. The team is working in different locations on three islands to improve the existing health system and deliver medical care to those in need. According to official figures, the disaster killed at least 5,600 people and displaced over four million others.

From r/atheism:

atheism donation drive!

We are kicking off our annual donation drive for Doctors Without Borders, with the specific goal of helping those in the Philippines, please donate to help those affected by this tragedy.

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Doctors Without Borders also known as Medecins Sans Frontieres, is a secular non-government organization that carries out voluntary work related to world health and provides medical relief to the impoverished without regard to race, religion and politics. Since they primarily depend on donations from individuals, governments and corporations for their activities, r/atheism is helping them raise some additional funds through online donations.

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