Shot Dead For Dancing - Pakistani Sisters Pay With Their Lives For Dancing in The Rain

Pakistani Sisters Shot Dead
Noor Basra and Noor Sheza

In a ghastly incident two teenaged sisters were mercilessly shot dead only because they danced in the rain.The victims, Noor Basra and Noor Sheza aged 15 and 16 respectively were killed in cold blood after a clip showing them cavorting in the rain spread through the town causing outrage among its ultra-conservative residents.

The mother of the girls, Noshehra was also shot. The dastardly act was carried out by five unidentified gunmen. Police suspect the hand of the stepbrother of the sisters in the killing, with the intention of restoring the family's 'honour'.

The sisters were caught on tape six months back, doing a break dance as it began to pour. The sisters were clothed in the traditional salwar kameez suits with purple and green scarves adorning their heads.

The clip, which has since gone viral over the internet, shows one girl flashing a smile.

The girls were filmed outside their home in Chilas, in the poverty-ridden northern region of Gilgit, running around with two smaller children.

Their older brother is in the process of suing Khutore, the step brother as well as the five gunmen, who have reportedly gone into hiding.

It may be recalled that in the last year, four women were put to death, following a diktat from tribal elders, for dancing and singing together with men. That incident took place at a wedding party in the remote village of Kohistan located in the north-west of Pakistan.

The Jirga, which is a group of clerics, ordered the women to be put to death, terming their act as 'fornication' resulting in a blot on their families' names.

Sharia law prohibits women and men from dancing together.

However, it is the woman who bears the brunt of any act, going against the Sharia, ending up with the punishment, while the man goes scot-free.

Aurat Foundation, a women's rights group, pegs the annual figure of 'honour' killings in Pakistan at 1000.

Human Rights Watch, a worldwide campaigner against atrocities, is also campaigning for tougher action against tribal elders who decree that a woman be put to death.

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