Palestinian Islamic Scholar Declares Jihad & Calls to "Eradicate" Hindus

Believers of Islam were infuriated by the remarks of some politicians of India's ruling party, the BJP, claiming that Islam and the prophet had been insulted. Nidhal Siam, a Palestinian Islamic scholar, recently held an anti-Indian rally at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem in protest.

Siam declared Jihad, a religious war, to eradicate the "cow worshipping" Hindus who had "insulted" Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

The rally addressed the "affronts and hostilities" made by "the infidels" against the Muslims. The Invasion of Iraq by the U.S, the "kidnapping" of Muslim children in Sweden, and other "crimes" made by the "Infidels" against the Muslims.

Siam claimed, "The infidels take turns in waging this war against the Muslims." and "the only appropriate reaction is to declare Jihad for the sake of Allah and to discipline the infidels and polytheists, and by eradicating them."

Siam addressed the "armies of the Muslims" of Egypt, Turkey, and Jordan to retaliate against the "infidels" and liberate their countries. He also called out Pakistan, a nation with a long history of religious and political disputes with India. Siam urged that the people of Pakistan "have greater duty than others in fighting the Hindus who are right by their borders, killing their people and occupying their land."

Mauritanian Islamic scholar Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hassan Al-Dadow Al-Shanqiti also added to the controversy. The host of a Turkish TV show criticized one of the accused BLP leaders, Nupur Sharma, accusing her of eating cow dung and drinking and bathing in cow urine. The host then discusses with Al-Shanqiti the issue of "deporting the Hindu foreign workers from the Arab countries, especially from the Gulf countries."

Al-Shanqiti replied that the BJP party is hostile to Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. If the foreign workers are forced to return to India, the party would have to stop its attacks as it will be an economic burden for them. He also said, "If all those millions of workers return to India all at once, this will constitute a huge blow to the BJP – not to the workers, but to the ruling party itself."

Nupur Sharma, now suspended by the BJP, is left stranded to fend off the ire of the Muslims. Although she apologized and retracted her remarks, she still receives constant death threats and obscene remarks on Twitter and other Social Media sites.

The animosity between the Hindus and the Muslims of India has worsened since 2014, when the BJP came into power. Angry over the latest controversy and assured of support from the nations of the Middle East, the Muslims are protesting both inside and outside India.

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