Palestinian Islamic Scholar Martyrs Receive "Black-Eyed" Virgins

An Islamic scholar delivered a sermon in a Palestinian city and discussed the many rewards martyrs receive from Allah in Paradise.

On March 17th, Dr. Nasser Al-Qaram delivered a Friday sermon at the Fatima Al-Zahraa Mosque in Ramallah. The speech was broadcasted on Palestine TV.

Islamic scholar Dr. Al-Qaram is the Head of the Shari'a Court of Appeals in Nablus. In the sermon, he listed the various rewards granted to the martyrs in accordance with traditional Islamic beliefs.

He said that when the first drop of blood of the martyrs hits the ground, all of their sins are forgiven; they are saved from the torments of the grave; they are spared the great horror of Judgement Day; they are married to black-eyed virgins in paradise, and they can plead to Allah on behalf of their family members.

He also said that when the martyrs meet Allah, they are adorned with a "garment of faith" and a crown of honor on their heads. The martyrs then roam in paradise as green birds nestling in chandeliers hanging from Allah's throne.

Allah then personally inquires the martyrs about what they need or wish, to which they reply with the request to return their souls back to their bodies so they can die again for the sake of Allah. However, Allah decreed that they would never return to this world. After that, Allah informs their families of the honor bestowed upon them in the hereafter.

Martyr refers typically to a person who chooses to die or face pain and suffering for the sake of their religious beliefs. In Islam, however, the word martyr has also been used for those who died for non-religious causes as well. There are many types of martyrs in Islam, but the most common of them are those who die because of Allah's cause; those who die because of plague; those who die because of abdominal disease; those who die because of drowning, and those who die because of debris.

Dr. Al-Qaram said, "Listen to the rewards bestowed upon our righteous martyrs. The martyr's first reward is that his sins are forgiven with the very first drop of his blood. The moment that the first drop of his blood falls on the ground, all his sins are forgiven."

"Blessed be the martyrs in this world and in the hereafter. Another reward is that the martyr is spared the torments of the grave. He is also safe from the great horror on Judgement Day, as Allah said [in the Quran]: 'They will be safe from the terror of that day.' Furthermore, he is married to black-eyed virgins, and he pleads on behalf of his family and relatives. He is adorned with the garment of faith, and the crown of honor is placed on his head. All this is given to the martyrs when they meet Allah."

"The souls of martyrs – and this is unique to them – are in the bodies of green birds. They roam in paradise, eat its fruits, drink from its rivers, and in the evening, they nestle in chandeliers hanging from Allah's throne."

"This is what happens with martyrs in the hereafter. Our Lord checks on them and inquires about their condition and whether they wish or need anything. He checks that everything is alright with the souls of the martyrs when they come to nestle in His chandeliers that are hanging from His throne.

"The martyrs say: 'Our Lord, with all this honor and well-being, we do not want anything more.' But when Allah insists and asks them again about what they wish or need for, they say: 'Oh Lord, we ask that You return our souls to our bodies, so we can return to the world and be killed for Your sake again.' But Allah decreed that they would never return to this world. When the martyrs ask Allah: 'Who will inform our families and our beloved ones about the honor that is bestowed upon us and our well-being?' Allah says: 'I will do that.'"

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