Paramilitary Sect Leader Sentenced for Child Abuse

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A cult called "Aggressive Christian Mission Training Corps"(ACMTC) also known as the Holy Tribal Nation, the Free Love Ministries or the Life Force Team, was founded in 1981 by James and Deborah Green. As of August 2017, the ACMTC is under investigation by the Children, Youth and Families Department of New Mexico. In August 2017, Deborah Green and her son-in-law Peter Green were arrested on charges of sexual abuse of children. Peter Green, a manager at the ministry's Fence Lake location, has been charged with 100 counts of criminal sexual penetration of a child; while Deborah Green faces charges of child abuse, negligent abuse and criminal sexual penetration.

Deborah Green, the leader of this “paramilitary religious sect” was sentenced to 72 years in prison after being convicted in a child sex abuse case. She called herself "the General" and dressed like one. At the sect’s compound, some members called Green “mom” or “general,” according to authorities. She also was known among followers as the “Oracle of God.” The victim gave a testimony asking the judge to give Deborah Green the maximum sentence.

“Emotionally, she broke me as a child to the point where I still today struggle with my own self-confidence, my self-esteem, my sense of worth,” the victim said.

The victim further spoke about what she described as years of torture by Green that she continues to struggle recovering from physically and emotionally, adding she’s had 11 surgeries to help fix broken bones.

“I’m reminded of how much I have to fight myself every day to not be sunken down into that low place again,” the victim said.

The victim asked District Court Judge James Sanchez to give 71-year-old Green the maximum sentence of 108 years.

Instead, he gave Green 72 years for three counts of child rape, two counts of kidnapping and one count of child abuse.

The judge had words of encouragement for the victim. "A weaker person would not have survived. That means you can continue on being strong," Judge Sanchez said. This girl from Uganda wasn’t the only victim of this religious cult. The abuse came to light last year when authorities raided the compound in Fence Lake near Gallup and found 11 children. Some of them were as young as four years old and being held against their will.

Green still faces a second trial in the death of 13-year-old Enoch Miller. Authorities said he died at the compound in 2014.

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