Pastor Charged With Sexually Abusing Underage Girl


Photo Credits: Reach of Clay County

A Texas pastor charged with sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl tried to defend himself by saying that the girl “initiates most of that stuff.” He actually blamed an underage victim for what he did.

Paul Cain, 65, appeared Friday before state district Judge Randy Roll, who held the minister’s bond at $100,000 for each charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child and sexual assault of a child. “These are the most serious, most severe crimes that we see,” Harris County prosecutor James Murphy said. “Victims are always vulnerable.” He also urged anyone with information or any other victims to report the incident.

The girl reported Cain, who served as pastor of New Canaan Missionary Baptist Church, to local authorities this past June. Cain served nearly two decades as pastor of New Canaan Missionary Baptist Church in the 4600 block of Hirsch Road in the Kashmere Gardens community.

She said her pastor had been having sex with her for many months, between August and December 2018, a prosecutor said during a Thursday probable cause hearing.

Authorities recovered screenshots of sexually explicit Instagram conversations between the girl and her pastor, including nude photos from the man, prosecutors said. Cain took the 13-year-old to his home to spend the night in August, and had sex with her in the morning, according to court records.

Prosecutors say the abuse continued in October 2018, when Cain picked the girl up in a truck and allegedly had sex with her in a camper in a Kroger parking lot.

In December, when the girl was 14, Cain forced her to perform oral sex on him in the truck near Willowbrook Mall, court records show.

When asked if he felt the communication was harmless, Cain said, “Well when you’re dealing with that person, it’s harmless, man, because she initiates most of that kind of stuff.”

He repeatedly blamed her for the sexually explicit messages he sent, the prosecutor said. Cain admitted to owning the camper, taking the girl shopping at Willowbrook and spending the night together, but said there was no sexual contact between them. Cain also claimed he and the teenager never had sex but talked about it.

Cain refused to answer authorities when they asked if the girl was his first victim, according to court documents.

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