Pastor: Christians Will Not Repent Homophobia Like They Have Racism

Robby Gallaty

While addressing his congregation recently, a southern Baptist pastor from Tennessee said that Christians would not repent discriminating against gays like they have with racism because African-Americans could not possibly change the colour of their skin but gays and lesbians can surely change their sexual orientation. Robby Gallaty, who is a senior pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church, dedicated his hour-long sermon on August 31 to the justification of Christians’ opposition to homosexuality.

After investing approximately 20 minutes in discussing the perils of homosexuality, Gallaty re-stated how God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because he was outraged with gay sex.

“God said that the sins of the people had infected the very land in which they live,” he explained. “So what happens to people who engage in this activity, this sexual immoral activity? Go to Leviticus 20, God gives us the punishment for engaging in these sins... ‘If a man sleeps with a man as with a woman, they have both committed a detestable thing. They must be put to death. And their blood is on their own hands.’”

Gallaty then went on to point out how the New Testament says God can in fact turn homosexuals into heterosexuals.

“[The Bible says] some of you used to act like this, but now you’ve changed by the grace of God. You were washed! You have been sanctified! You have been justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by the Spirit of God.”

After drawing parallels between being gay and getting high on dope because both allegedly stem from people desiring it, Gallaty said LGBT individuals treat their sexuality as a badge of honor.

“Here’s the problem with the argument that you closed-minded Christians, one day you’re going to come full circle, and you’re going to realize that you’re being judgemental just like racism was 50 years ago. And we finally realized that racism was an issue for Christians. And now you guys have repented and come full circle, and you’re going to realize that you’re as foolish as we were with the movement of racism. It’s not the same. ... A black man can’t change his race, a white man can’t change his race, a homosexual can stop engaging in homosexual acts. See, sexuality is a choice. Gender and race are not. You’re not a homosexual, listen to me! You’re not gay! You’re not a lesbian! You’re a child of God!” he said.

Photo Credit: Americans Against the Tea Party

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