Pastor Sexually Assaulted Underage Girl

Photo Credits: Local 12 WKRC TV

Cesar Guerrero, 38-year-old pastor at Misión Cristiana El Calvario in Sharonville, Ohio has been charged with three counts of sexual battery stemming from an incident that occurred on August 5, 2019, according to court documents. He was accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl who wanted to talk to him about her previous trauma.

After Guerrero was arrested on Wednesday, he admitted he used his position as a divine figure to further traumatize the child.

An affidavit stated Guerrero is a “Prophet of God” and as the pastor of his church, used that information to influence a juvenile into believing she needed to be cleansed from being molested as a child. Guerrero then arranged to meet the juvenile alone in his office on July 30, according to court documents.

Court documents state Guerrero met the girl alone in his office and "used Bible scripture and prayers to cleanse her" while sex acts were performed. He told the victim that "God was talking to him and it was necessary," documents said. Guerrero was interviewed and confessed to the sexual acts, the affidavit stated.

As the reports, Guerrero appeared in court Thursday with a Spanish translator before Judge William Mallory but told the court he spoke English. Mallory said “That’s enough!” repeatedly to stop the prosecutors from reading the graphic details of the allegations.

"Guerrero is considered a prophet of God as the Pastor of his church," according to the affidavit. It also also states that he used his position to influence the girl into believing that the word of God said she "needed to be cleansed from being molested as a child."

Beside these charges, police said Guerrero is facing federal child pornography charges and also "multiple females" have made sexual abuse accusations against him. Guerrero is now being held on $300,000 bond since he’s considered a flight risk.

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