The Pastor Wears Prada: African Preacher Says God Ordered Him to Wear Heels

TOGO- A Togolese pastor is raising eyebrows across Africa after images emerged on social media of the clergyman preaching his faith in high heels.

As of the writing of this article, his name remains unverified, but the pastor is going by the simple nickname ‘the high heels pastor.’

Local media reported he used to wear men’s shoes while suffering body pains and many other illnesses as a result, but ever since he followed the direction of God to switch to high heels, his pain has been relieved.

Rumors spread that he also wore women’s clothes, of which the pastor said, “I don’t wear women’s clothes like people have said on social media, but I wear all kinds of shoes, according to the calling I received.” Often, the shoes he wears match perfectly with the clothing he chooses.

Nevertheless, according to local media reports, the ‘high heel preacher’ has been applauded for breaking norms of how a pastor should dress.

He is also alleged to have more high-heeled shoes than most women in other reports.

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