Patriarch Kirill in Concern About Disappearance of Christian Communities

Christian religious leaders gathered in Russia over concerns of a purported spiritual and moral crisis.

The Moscow Patriarch Kirill (secular name: Vladimir M. Gundjaev) sent some congratulations to the World Council of Churches (WCC) for 70 years of establishment since the original August 23rd, 1948 gathering after WWII. The WCC gained the Russian Orthodox Church, part of the Eastern Orthodox Church and subservient to Putin.

The article stated, “Addressing the WCC secretary, the Norwegian Lutheran theologian Olav Fykse Tveit, and the entire Central Committee, the Russian Patriarch recalled that the Council is ‘a major international organization and unique platform for dialogue between Christians of various confessions. For the years of its work, the World Council of Churches has done much to develop inter-confessional dialogue, to promote justice in society and peace among nations.’”

Kirill recalled how this was important to the Christian community because it provided the opportunity for joint efforts to work in international relations. Typically, this will translate into Christian churches working globally to undermine secularism or gain political power.

It continued, “The message also thanks the WCC ‘for the solidarity that our brothers and sister shared with us in the desire to overcome the restrictions of religious freedom as a consequence of the state policy formed by the ideology of militant atheism.’”

The phrase “militant atheism” insofar as I know started with the TED Talk presentation by the distinguished science educator and zoologist Dr. Richard Dawkins. Apparently, Kirill was known to speak on the ecclesiastical propaganda used to conceal religious persecution. That raises all sorts of questions about Kirill’s time as a young “Soviet” bishop in the Nairobi assembly in 1975. He denied religious persecutions in the USSR at the time.
“However, the head of the Russian Church does not indulge in the re-evocation of those difficult times, but turns instead to future prospects, where the patriarchate of Moscow has every intention of being a leading player,” the reported explained.

Kirill argues that the purported problems for religion back in the days of the USSR are no different than the alleged problems for religion today. That is, the asserted existence of spiritual and moral crises that are deviations of the Christian faith’s values and traditions.

Kirill argues the world is on the brink of a global war. He continued to state that there is a threat of Christian communities in the region. Apparently, that created the foundation for the meeting of the Roman Catholic Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill to meet in Havana during 2016.

“The other reason for the rapprochement, in conclusion of Kirill's message, is the gratitude to the WCC ‘for the firm position expressed by the Secretary General in his appeal to the state authorities of Ukraine, in defence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church,’” the article said in its concluding parts.

The meeting seemed as if an attempt to prevent the dissolution of the Christian church religiosity levels seen in the region and then casting people shedding religion as persecution and discrimination against the church.  Christian leaders seem on the defensive.

Photo Credits: Fergana News

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