Pharrell Williams: It’s Arrogant and Pompous to Reject God’s Existence

Pharell Williams

Famous singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams has said that it takes one to be incredibly arrogant and pompous to dismiss God and believe that nothing else is out there. In a recent interview with a British magazine called Stylist, Williams reaffirmed his faith in a higher power.

“I believe in God but I also believe in the universe … and I believe in that innate ability to make decisions and to exercise our feelings as human beings,” Williams said. “How do you see all the stars and think there’s nothing else out there?”


That is not all that Williams said. He made a concerted effort to point out to those who dismiss the existence of God that they are incredibly arrogant and pompous to do so.

“It’s so incredibly arrogant and pompous. It’s amazing that there are people who really believe that,” he said. “It’s unbelievable.”

This is not the first time that Williams has been so outspoken about his faith in a divine being. Earlier this year, he said that the Lord had inspired him to write the song “Happy,” a catchy tune that went viral upon release and was even incorporated in the popular animation “Despicable Me 2.” Talking of the conceptual struggles that come upon singer-songwriters from time to time, Williams said that he experienced a moment when the master, God, the universe, spoke to him while he penned down the lyrics for his song.

Pharrell Williams says God inspired Happy by EntNewsShowbiz

In 2013, Williams said he is a Christian on official documents though at a personal level, he likes to think of himself as a Universalist.

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Casper Rigsby

What is arrogant and pompous is the notion of some supposed god who has also supposedly made the whole universe just for asshats like Pharrell Williams. But you keep on indulging that ontological fallacy Mr. Williams if that's what your cowardly ass needs to get you through the day.

Sage Mauldin

It takes a great deal of humility and courage to live life without belief in god, to live life knowing you will never see your deceased loved ones again. How such a way of life could be perceived as 'arrogant' or 'pompous' is beyond me. I am happy.

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