Pope Francis Encourages Bishop to Denounce Same-Sex Parenting

Pope Francis
Photo: Tânia Rêgo/ABr (Agência Brasil), Wikimedia Commons

Despite being praised in an LGBT magazine and being named Time’s “Person of the Year”, according to The Telegraph, Pope Francis was “shocked” to learn that the Civil Unions bill in Malta not only allows gay and lesbian couples to marry but it also allows same-sex couples to adopt and raise children. After this revelation, Pope Francis appears to have prompted a bishop in Malta to condemn the idea of same-sex parenting.

On December 25, Bishop Charles Scicluna delivered a controversial sermon on the subject of same-sex parenting that stirred up a heated debate across the world. “This is not about the rights of gay people; it is about the rights of children. God chose a man and a woman to raise Jesus, not two men or two women,” he said. In his sermon, Scicluna also pleaded with the government to protect “family based on the lasting bond shared between one man and one woman.”

Scicluna’s views clearly contradicted those the people have heard Pope Francis share. Upon the media’s insistent inquiring, it was revealed that Bishop Scicluna had in fact, met with the Pope on December 12 to discuss several issues. “When I raised this issue that has been worrying me as a bishop, he encouraged me to speak out,” said Scicluna. The bishop maintains that he delivered his Christmas sermon and shared his personal views at Pope Francis’ prompting.

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