Preacher Who Murdered His Own Daughter May Get Away by Paying Blood Money

Lama Al Ghamdi
Lama Al Ghamdi

Well-known Saudi preacher Fayhan Al Ghamdi murdered his five year old daughter Lama in 2012 because he had suspicions about her virginity. He may now get a pardon and escape punishment by paying blood money (Diyya) due to the financial difficulties of the victim's mother. Lama's mother, Manama, may pardon Al Ghamdi to get the "much needed" blood money, according to a recent report by the Gulf News.

Fayhan Al Ghamdi

Fayhan Al Ghamdi

Al Ghamdi, who was seen many times on Islamic TV channels, confessed to his crime and admitted to using a cane and cables to cause injuries to his daughter. The child suffered severe injuries, which include a crushed skull, broken left arm, broken ribs and broken back. Her body also showed burn injuries and extensive bruising. Social workers are of the opinion that Lama was repeatedly raped and burnt.

Al Ghamdi will escape the death penalty and jail sentence if the mother accepts the blood money. For months, Lama's mother had maintained that there was no question of forgiving her former husband and that she wanted to see him executed for the crime. According to a report in Al Sharq, the Saudi daily, she even said that his new wife was an accomplice in the crime and should also be given the same punishment.

Apparently, the financial challenges of the mother, for whom bringing up her three other children is currently a struggle, is the reason for her changed stance. According to Islam, Diyya (blood money) can be paid to the family of the victims as a compensation. The Quran allows retaliation (as specified in the principle of Qisas), but prescribes that one should seek compensation instead of demanding retribution.

Manama admitted that it is a very difficult decision for her, but accepting the blood money is the only sensible option as she was in serious financial difficulties. According to her, there is no real benefit in sending her former husband to jail or having him executed when she is struggling with rents and debts and she does not have any real options because she has to look after the other children. She also said that her challenges are formidable and she is not even able to follow the trial sessions.

Al Ghamdi was convicted for torturing and killing his daughter Lama when she came to visit him at his home where he lived with his present wife. Unconfirmed reports say that four court hearings have been held, however, the court has not yet given any ruling.

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