Religious Violence Drives Myanmar Muslims to take refuge in Monastery

Myanmar Monastery
Photo by Jordan Sitkin

Myanmar smolders from latest bout of Buddhist led anti-Muslim sectarian rioting. Over one thousand Muslims displaced in the chaos are being housed in a Buddhist monastery protected by twenty four hour army and police guard.

The city of Lashio in North East Myanmar, has been slowly returning to calm only days after Muslim families were moved from harm's way by truck and car to safety. The streets they left behind resembled a war zone with burned out automobiles and firebombed and looted shops still smoking in the aftermath.

The new civilian government which only took over from a military junta two years ago has been denounced internationally for its slow response to the violence. Thein Sein, President of Myanmar, offered reassurances and apologies.

The riots were triggered on Tuesday by an attack by Muslims on a Buddhist girl who was doused with gasoline and set on fire. Buddhist gangs quickly responded attacking a mosque, a Muslim orphanage and a large number of Muslim shops and homes. Late into Thursday armed Buddhists on motorcycles and scooters continued engaging in violence.

Four Muslims have been reported injured and one dead. So far twenty five have been arrested.

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