Republican Files Bill to Make the Bible Louisiana’s Official State Book


Louisiana has a state flower - the magnolia, a state tree - the bald cypress and a state reptile as well – the alligator. However, the state does not have a state book and a man from Shreveport thinks it is high time Louisiana got one. Randy Dill has thus convinced Republican Thomas Carmody to file a bill that will make the Holy Bible Louisiana’s official state book.

“The Bible was their main inspiration along with our forefathers Washington and all of them. They looked to it for their inspiration for our country. They called upon God to help us,” said Dill on March 19.

Dill wanted to pitch the idea of making the Bible Louisiana’s state book in 1988 itself but it wasn’t until 2013 that he found support in a state representative who would back the bill as well. Carmody took on the task to file a bill this session that would make the state’s oldest copy of the Bible Louisiana’s state book.

Both Dill and Carmody are expecting opposition but they believe they can follow through with their want, especially since the Bible already serves as the state book in Alabama. Alabama is the only state in America to have a religious manuscript as its state book. Carmody’s bill will be put on the agenda of the Parochial, House Municipal and Cultural Affairs Committees.

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