Richard Dawkins Says the Bible Is as Toxic as the Koran

Richard Dawkins

British evolutionary scientist and atheist Richard Dawkins said in a recent interview that the Bible is just as toxic as the Koran but reasoned that the difference between Christians and Muslims is that the former is taught to believe in the Bible metaphorically while the latter is taught to believe in the Koran almost literally.

During his interview with Alan Colmes, the 74-year-old author of the bestselling book titled ‘The God Delusion’ was asked questions pertaining to a number of subjects, including America’s ‘secular’ foundation, the 2016 Presidential race as well as the toxicity of religions.

When Colmes asked Dawkins if one religion is ‘more toxic’ or ‘sicker’ than the others, he answered that in today’s world, it would not be unfair to blame Islam for the ‘maximum toxicity in religion’. He went on to explain the reason for this notion, saying most Muslims are taught to believe in the Koran as though it is literally true. When Colmes pointed out that many Christians are also taught to believe in the Bible in a similar manner, Dawkins agreed, before arguing that not as many Christians believe that the Bible is literally true as opposed to the majority of Muslims’ way of viewing the Koran.

“There are, but they are not that numerous,” Dawkins stated. “The Bible itself is as toxic as the Quran but most Christians are not taught to believe it literally. Most Christians are taught to believe it metaphorically or allegorically.”

Since Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, who has served as a highly acclaimed neurosurgeon in the past, recently made headlines for promoting creationism over evolution, Dawkins was asked to share his opinion on the number of Christian presidential candidates, from the Republican Party, who have been publicly professing their belief in creationism.

“It is amazing, not just that, they are all creationists, which really is actually disgraceful. I mean, the fact that in one of the two major political parties, every single major candidate, except one, actually says they don't believe in evolution, they don't believe in the fundamental principle of biology, which is a fact… Many people who are religious — Catholics and Anglicans and people — they all accept evolution,” Dawkins said.

Colmes also asked Dawkins if he believes that people of faith are mentally ill.

“Well, it is hard to use a word mentally-ill when there are so many of them. But, if they believe what they did and they were the only one, they would undoubtedly be called mentally-ill, yes,” Dawkins argued. “Yes, [people of faith are] a majority in America but not in Western Europe.”

Colmes then cracked a joke, saying the current situation is ironical, considering present-day Americans left their motherland, which is where Dawkins hails from, to escape such a lifestyle.

“Exactly, and that's why the American Constitution is written in secular terms, precisely Madison's words, precisely to get away from the blood baths that religion inflicted on Europe,” Dawkins responded. “It is a paradox in a way that America is such a religious country, despite its secular foundation.”

In conclusion, when Colmes asked if the scientist would ever consider changing his mind about God and religion, Dawkins offered a refreshing answer.

“Of course, yes,” Dawkins assured. “Just show me some evidence and I'll change.”

Photo Credits: The Gospel Herald

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