Right-Wing Christian: Non-Christians Don’t Deserve Holidays

Non-Christians Don’t Deserve Holidays
“Grumpy Santa” by Richard Elzey (Flickr)

Bodie Hodge of Answers in Genesis, a group that manages the Creation Museum, recently wrote a book about the “War on Christmas” and also initiated a “War on Christmas Insider Team” to help devout Christians defend their supposedly endangered holiday. On December 12, Hodge appeared on Today’s Issues, a show produced by the American Family Association (AFA), to share with research director Ed Vitagliano and AFA head Tim Wildmon, the attitude of supposed anti-Christian campaigners. During the discussion, Hodge said that non-Christians should not take any days off work, since the concept of work and rest is Christian.

“They should have no days off, the whole concept of work and rest is a Christian thing,” said Hodge.

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