Roman Catholic Blogger Speaks on Alleged Satanic Plan

LifeSiteNews reported on the American pundit and Roman Catholic blogger Matt Walsh. Recently, Walsh spoke on the alleged plan of the purported Satan.

He spoke on his surmising of the battle plans of the alleged Devil. He asserted the first methodology would be the old school paradigm with the persecution of Christians, who were martyrs. He stated this was a tactic of killing the Christians.

The report stated, “Walsh told his audience that Satan is using this tactic on Christians who are being persecuted across the world on an ‘unprecedented scale.’  Although the media and the Church in the USA largely ignore it, ‘the reality is that the ground all over the globe is soaked in Christian blood.’”

He stated that the Christian persecution and genocide is worse than the rest of its history. Walsh sees this as an “astounding fact.” In America, Walsh stated, the attack on Christians comes from a different angle.

That is, he compares the sacrifices of Egyptian Christian pilgrims who gave all they could for Jesus Christ against Islamic extremists. Walsh asked the audience during the speech about the amount they would be willing to give up for Christ.

“Most of the so-called believers in this country will lash out angrily is you so much as suggest that they give up watching certain TV shows or listening to certain music,” Walsh stated, “They’ll explode in fury if you urge them to change their lifestyles to any degree whatsoever… And yet we think we possess the conviction and the faith to just give up our lives for Christ.”

He continued to explain, from his point of view, that the American Christians would “grovel and weep at the feet of our Muslim captors.” That they would recite the Quranic prayers demanded by these purported captors.

LifeSiteNews asserted, “Therefore, to the Satan, American Christians simply aren’t worth killing, Walsh theorized. These ‘Christians’ are so spiritually lazy and so comfortable with their sinful ways that they aren’t any threat to Satan.”

Walsh went on to elaborate about the Plan B or the second strategy of Satan for the life of the Christians in America. That being, the work to make them subjugated inside of America by the forces of evil.

Walsh asked, “Why would the demons waste their time tormenting someone who’s already walking to hell of his own volition?” He assumes the church in America, broadly speaking, has allegedly been infiltrated by the forces of evil, by the American church’s enemies.

He brings attention to those who argue for acceptance, being welcoming, tolerant, and preach a live and let live lifestyle who do not worry about “sin.”

“Satan himself speaks from the mouths of many priests and many pastors in this country… urging their flocks to conform with the culture, making the orthodox feel silly, or even bigoted, for trying to rise above the standards of this world,” Walsh said.

He notes the ways in Christians struggle to excitedly go to church. It becomes a chore for them. He views this as a materialistic Christian community in America, who are soft. He asserts this is something that prevents the Christians from meeting God.

Walsh provided a purported cure to this alleged problem with the use of prayer above all. He sees prayer as making us less sinful and more holy. Walsh said that when Christians do drag themselves to church, desperate for guidance, they are given “nothing” from most pulpits.

“... You start to find that a lot of music you listen to, that a lot of shows that you longer appeal to you… You find that certain sins and temptations have less of a hold on you,” Walsh stated, “That desire [for God]...  is kindled, and we know it, and we start to feel it. And that’s the crucial thing: for us to want the right thing.”
The article concluded on the further assertion by Walsh that he considers this to be the truth and a “terrifying reality.”

Photo Credits: Paste Magazine

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