Sarah Palin Condemns Atheists, Calls Them a Threat

Sarah Palin Condemns Atheists
photo by Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

Speaking to the Christian Broadcasting Network, Sarah Palin condemned atheists and referred to them as a threat. “All these Joe McScrooges are running around armed with an attorney and ruining not just Christmas but threatening our American way of life. These McScrooges are dangerous and must be stopped,” she said. She also suggested that the “war on Christmas” is only the first battle that believers are waging against those who “want to take God out of society.” According to her, the road that believers are on today is cluttered with too many angry atheists who are armed with attorneys and are trying to abolish the freedom to express faith. “It is going to end in ruin unless we do something about it,” she added.



Dean Van Drasek

I guess in her mindset only Christians can be Americans. I suspect she also would prefer them to be white, but she knows that if she said that, the corporate speaking engagements might dry up. Funny thing is that Native Americans were not Christian (except according to the Mormon nuts), as I guess she thinks they don't belong here either. Maybe she should go back to Europe, of if she really wants to be closer to her particular god, then she can go back to the West Bank. I would gladly contribute towards her one-way ticket.

Nirav Mehta

Well, ma'am, atheists are like something else religious nuts do not like - contraceptives. We "stop" ejections of religious mania from reaching the Constitution and giving birth to monster entities akin to those which savaged Europe, Asia and Africa for centuries..

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