Schoolgirl Beaten to Death For Refusing to Sing Allegiance to Ayatollah

Another schoolgirl was allegedly beaten by Iranian security forces and is currently in critical condition.



According to Iran International, Iranian security forces in plainclothes raided a school in Ardabil, in northwest Iran. The raid was part of the regime's campaign to monitor and force students to participate in pro-regime activities.

The raid in Ardabil, a city with a large Azari population, injured ten students while seven were arrested. The victims included Asra Panahi, the first reported casualty by the security force's raid.

Asra Panahi was one of the students who refused to sing a song dedicated to Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader.



According to the Coordinating Council of Teachers Syndicates, city authorities of Ardabil raided a high school and took some students to a pro-regime demonstration on October 13. The students were forced to sing "Hello Commander" in the venue. Security forces began attacking the students when they refused, and some were arrested.

Panahi died on October 14 due to her severe injuries during the attack. Iranian officials vehemently denied any responsibility for Panahi's death, insisting that she died due to congenital heart disease.

Yashar Hakkakpour, a human rights activist, said that aside from Panahi, two other victims, Aytak Mikaili and Hana Dourdouzani, died due to injuries they received from the same attack.

Hakkakpour added that a fourth victim, Anita Khojasteh, is currently in critical condition. About 80 students were brought to the hospital following the October 13 attack.

Note: Several news outlets, including the BBC, The Guardian, and Radio Free Europe, provided conflicting details about the date of Panahi's death. Atheist Republic News Team is using Radio Free Europe's date.

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