Senior Official in Palestine Warns of Religious War

Al-aqsa Mosque

A senior official in Palestine recently warned of a religious war that might break out in the region if tensions on the premises of the al-Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem continue.

Mahmoud Habbash

Palestinian Judges Chief Mahmoud Habbash told the media that the reflection of unending Israeli assaults on al-Aqsa would surely lead to a religious war in and around the region.

“The religious war may first break out between Israel and the Palestinians and it expands and includes the Arab World and the entire world,” said Habbsah, adding “Israel is the one which pushes everyone to a dangerous war.”

He urged the international community to arbitrate so that Israel stops its attacks and gives up on its plans to divide the area into different times and places.

“It is the duty of the Arabs and Muslims to protect our holy shrine,” he said.

Habbash sent out his warning after dozens of Israeli and Palestinian police forces got involved in an agitation near the mosque on September 13.

Palestinians said that the police forces started to clash with civilians at the holy site when the latter was only trying to clear out the place. Reportedly, the Israeli police also arrested a number of Palestinians from the mosque after failing to stop a group of Jews who were seeking refuge at the place of worship. Tensions started to swell on Sunday after Jewish settlers, led by Ori Ariel, Israeli Minister of Agriculture, entered the premises of al-Aqsa. A spokesperson for the Israeli police said that they had received a tip off suggesting dozens of Palestinians were staying inside the mosque overnight. She also informed the media that those staying inside the mosque had stored stones, bottles and firecrackers to attack police forces. Apparently, they did attack the police when the latter approached the gates of the mosque to ensure everything was safe.

Photo Credits: CNI

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