Sikh Man Handcuffed Over Ceremonial Dagger in Wales

In early August, Prabjot Singh, a 30-year-old Sikh, and his friend Arminder Singh visited the Tir Prince Fun Park in North Wales. The two men were at the funfair together with their families. While queuing for a ride in the funfair, one staff member called Prabjot over, then asked him to step out of the line. Arminder, clarifying things on behalf of Prabjot, who is not fluent in English, asked about the request.

Tir Prince Fun Park's staff alleged that Prabjot is wearing a knife and must exit the park. Arminder explained to the park's staff that Prabjot is wearing a kirpan, a ceremonial dagger. According to Arminder, the park's staff explained that they could not allow the blade in case "anyone gets injured."

Arminder defended his friend's religious symbol, explaining that "it's legal under UK law." Prabjot wore a ceremonial dagger called Kirpan, one of the physical symbols regularly worn by adult Sikhs. There were no additional discussions; Arminder said that the staff merely said "okay" after explaining what Prabjot was wearing.

Before Prabjot and his son even finished with the ride, four police cars arrived at the park. The police responded to the park's staff calling about an individual "carrying a pair of knives." Prabjot was handcuffed and was detained for questioning.

After Arminder explained to the arresting officers what the Kirpan was, the officers immediately released Prabjot. The person who identified himself as the park owner apologized for the incident. He also defended the staff's decision, explaining that they were following their obligation to keep everyone safe.

The owner also informed them that they would no longer admit Amritdhari Sikhs to their fun park, even after issuing a refund and apologizing to them.

Carl Foulkes, North Wales Police Chief Constable, stated on Twitter, explaining that he "recognizes both the religious and cultural sensitivity" and plans to discuss things with the involved parties. Foulkes also announced that the North Wales Police would "take on board learning for the force." A statement from North Wales police also supported Foulkes's announcement, saying that they are 'constantly seeks to engage over culturally sensitive issues.`



In an interview with the local news outlet, Arminder explained that the incident negatively impacted him, his friends, and their families. He added that Prabjot's family were especially disturbed since they've only been in the country for a few months, particularly Prabjot's child, because "he saw his dad handcuffed."

According to BBC, Tir Prince Fun Park has not released an official statement as of the writing of this article.

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