“The Simpsons” Episode is Trying to Discredit Allah

Trump Simpsons

There are many videos on the internet that show how “The Simpsons” predicted many things that would happen. The one mostly debated and the most “creepy” prediction is certainly “the prediction” about a President Donald Trump.

According to hundreds of thousands of shares on Facebook and Twitter, The Simpsons apparently predicted all the way back in 2000 that Trump would launch a presidential bid by descending an escalator at Trump Tower. And apparently it isn’t true at all. The Simpsons episode from 2000 really mentions “President Trump” but only as a joke when Lisa Simpson tries to become president after "President Trump" left the economy in ruin. But the image with an elevator is from 2015 video where creators of the show were specifically mocking Trump's announcement that he was running for president. So, that was not a prediction but a reaction to political developments.

Palestinian Cleric Khaled Al-Maghrabi shared a video on YouTube to alert people to The Simpsons cartoon. In a sort of video lecture, Al-Maghrabi argues that the episode with President Trump is proof of some larger conspiracy to convince people that it’s possible to predict the future. The episode he is talking about is from 2015, not 2000. He also says that only Allah, no one else, has a power to predict future.

The most interesting part of the video is the one in which he claims that creators of “The Simpsons” told President Trump to repeat a scene from the animated film. And why they did that? According to Khaled Al-Maghrabi, “’The Simpson Family’ is a TV show of the devil worshippers”.  Its “primary aim is to convey to the people that they can predict the future.” He added that they wanted to send the following message through the animated movie - Just as we predicted the rise of Trump; we are able to predict that we will vanquish Allah.

Al-Maghrabi also says that Satan is the number 9 and the Antichrist is 11. Allah is 10. And when someone calls 911, he or she asks Satan and Antichrist for help and plots against Allah. There is another big conspiracy theory about dollar bills. Actually, if you fold paper currency a certain way, you can create an image of the World Trade Center collapsing, according to Al-Maghrabi.

The only thing someone could learn from this lecture is that anyone can use anything as a part of conspiracy against his beliefs only if it is pulled out of concept and is based on lies.

Photo Credits: gag.fm

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