Atheist Republic Mourns the Loss of Leader Lynda Tilley

It is with heavy hearts that Atheist Republic bid farewell to a beloved champion of human rights in our international Atheist Republic community in Africa, Lynda Tilley.

Lynda served as a leader in the Atheist Republic's Consulate in Durban, South Africa. Her activism spanned a decade, and she served as a voice for the weak, oppressed, and voiceless throughout Africa. In Tanzania, she was endearingly called “Mamma Kelele,” which roughly translates to “Vociferous Woman” in Swahili.

Fired for NOT Praying? Two Atheists Win Big in Discrimination Lawsuit!

After their company fired them for refusing to participate in daily Christian prayers, two non-religious employees in the United States filed a lawsuit against the firm, winning a $50,000 settlement.

Atheism Under Fire: The Fight for Existence in Religious Kenya

The first atheist organization in Kenya is fighting for its survival after a Christian bishop and politician filed a case to have its registration suspended.

The Atheists in Kenya Society (AKS) said that fundamental civil liberties and rights for non-religious organizations and individuals in primarily religious Kenya are uncertain as it prepared to file a submission last July 24th in response to a petition filed against the group and the Kenyan registrar of societies by Stephen Ndichu, a bishop and speaker of the Kiambu County Assembly.

Atheist Inmate's Victory: Judge Rules Against Forced Religious Rehab

A federal judge in West Virginia ruled that the state’s corrections agency cannot force an atheist inmate to participate in a religiously-affiliated substance abuse program to be eligible for parole.

Charleston-based US district court judge Joseph Goodwin decided after Andrew Miller, an atheist and secular humanist imprisoned at the Saint Marys Correctional Center and Jail, filed a lawsuit against the West Virginian state government last April for allegedly forcing Christianity on incarcerated people and failing to accommodate his requests to honor his lack of belief in God.

Trump’s Attack on Atheists Backfires

In response to the derogatory attacks former US President Donald Trump made against atheists and other non-religious people at a recent event, the Secular Coalition for America, a group of non-religious organizations in the United States that also promote the separation of church and state, issued a statement condemning his remarks.

Criticizing Islam Costs a Life: Kurdish Artist Gunned Down

The Kurdistan region of Iraq was shocked upon learning about the murder of a Kurdish artist in a town in one of its provinces over allegations that he criticized Islam and was an atheist.