BBC Documentary Reveals Story of Nigerian Imprisoned for Atheism

BBC Africa released a new documentary this week shedding light on the obstacles humanists and atheists face in Nigeria while telling the story of a Nigerian imprisoned for blasphemy charges.

The program, narrated by BBC journalist Yemisi Adegoke, documents Mubarak Bala’s landmark case, which reveals the threats to religious freedom and tolerance in the West African country.

Model Amber Rose Reveals Her Ideal Man is an Atheist

Amber Rose posted on Instagram listing the qualities she would like in a man, and it sparked a debate on social media about atheists and dating.

The American model is famous for her past relationships with celebrities such as Ye, Wiz Khalifa, and Machine Gun Kelly. She is also widely known for her outspoken feminism and for organizing a transnational movement called SlutWalk, which aims to combat rape culture and end victim blaming and slut shaming against women.

Atheist Convention in India Draws 10,000, Largest Meet-up in the World!

Litmus' 22, an annual gathering of atheists, took place in Kerala, India, on October 2. Thousands of atheists and freethinkers from across the state met up with each other at the Rajiv Gandhi indoor stadium in Kadavanthra, Ernakulam, on the third edition of the event. The gathering of over 10,000 attendees, many of whom participated in various types of discourse, saw debates and presentations.

Christians Will Be Minority in America by 2070: New Study

A new Pew study shows that Christianity is on track to becoming a religious minority in America.

The increase in the non-Christian population is also accompanied by a rise in Americans not affiliated with any religion.

According to the Pew Research Center’s recent study, many adult Americans have left Christianity. The trend has been observed by Pew since the 1990s and has been “reshaping the U.S. religious landscape.”

In the Wake of Mass School-Shootings, Politicians Blame Atheism

On Tuesday, May 31, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) released an article condemning politicians who blamed the Texas school shooting "on atheism, irreligiosity or lack of faith."

The FFRF "is condemning a recent barrage of troubling comments by politicians callously blaming the Texas school shooting on atheism, irreligiosity, or lack of faith," the article said.