Why Secular Soldiers in Australia Aren't Getting Adequate Support

A former top military recruitment official of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) warned that the country’s armed forces must find secular alternatives to religious chaplains, which has increased in recent years, or there would be risks to the members’ health and wellbeing.

Australian Hindus Harassed By Muslim Neighbors Vandalizing Idols with Feces

A Muslim woman and her daughter in Australia provoked anger among Hindus after a video of them dumping a used menstrual pad that reeks of urine on a Hindu religious statue went viral on social media.

The now-viral video was uploaded on TikTok by @eshana_autar and was also shared on X (previously known as Twitter), YouTube, and other social media platforms. In the footage, two Muslim women living in Sydney wearing burqas were seen putting a used menstrual pad and wet tissues on the religious statue of their Hindu neighbor, who installed security cameras near the statue.

Blasphemy Code?: Australian State Implements "Religious Vilification" Law

The Parliament of New South Wales in Australia recently passed a new, landmark anti-discrimination law on August 3rd that will make it illegal to vilify people or organizations based on their religion, raising questions about its possible effects on freedom of speech in the state.

Australian Islamic Scholar Admonishes Muslims For "Abandoning Jihad"

An Australian Islamic scholar slammed Muslims for allegedly “abandoning jihad,” and describing Hindus and Jewish people with disparaging remarks.

Wissam Haddad, also known as “Abu Ousayd” on social media, made his statements during an address in Sydney, Australia, last April 14th. The sermon, titled “The Month of Victory,” was uploaded to the YouTube channel of Al Madina Dawah Center, a religious center in Sydney, Australia.

Abuse Survivors Bid to Seize Catholic Properties After Failure to Pay

Three abuse victims of the Marist Brothers plan to seize properties of the Catholic order, including their Sydney headquarters, after failing to pay for the victims' legal costs despite a court order.

The Marist Brothers is an international Catholic order with a presence in around 80 countries. Founded in 1817, the religious institute has been hounded by allegations of child abuse in several countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and Chile.

Australian Muslim Student Allegedly Forced to Watch Muhammad Cartoon

A Melbourne school is under fire for allegedly forcing a Muslim high school student to watch a cartoon depicting Prophet Muhammad, prompting an investigation from the Victorian state government.