Charlie Hebdo Takes Aim: Denmark's Controversial Blasphemy Law Under Fire!

Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical newspaper known for being targeted by two Islamist terrorists that saw 12 people killed and 11 injured in January 2015, criticized the Danish government after it proposed a new law banning religious books such as the Quran from being desecrated.

Fired for NOT Praying? Two Atheists Win Big in Discrimination Lawsuit!

After their company fired them for refusing to participate in daily Christian prayers, two non-religious employees in the United States filed a lawsuit against the firm, winning a $50,000 settlement.

After Quran-Burning Backlash Sweden Approves Torah-Burning Protest

After a series of controversial protests involving burning the Quran, which sparked outrage from Muslims worldwide, Sweden approved a new protest, but this time would involve burning the Torah and the Bible.

Banning the Bible in Utah Schools: A Parent's Demand Sparks Outrage!

Almost three months after an unnamed parent from Utah submitted a book challenge to a school district last March requesting to remove the Bible from bookshelves in schools using a state law that prohibits “pornographic or indecent” materials in schools, the district responded by banning the religious book in elementary and middle school libraries.

Holy Hijinks: How One Lawmaker's Bible Prank Turned into an Ethics Inquiry!

An Arizona representative, who is also a minister, is under investigation by the state’s House of Representatives for staging a prank involving the Bible.

State Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, a Democrat and a Presbyterian Minister, is facing an ethics complaint for her playful prank, where camera footage saw her hiding Bibles from her fellow representatives in unusual places, like under the table or inside a refrigerator.

Parents Try to Ban the Bible from School Shelves for "Indecent” Material

A parent in Utah challenged the Bible under a state law that bans “pornographic or indecent” material in schools, which had been used to remove books written by black and LGBTQIA+ authors from shelves.