Hindu's Anti-Islam Post: 10-Year Sentence in Bangladesh

A young Hindu man from Bangladesh was arrested and convicted for allegedly insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad through a social media post around six years ago.

On May 23rd, a court in the city of Rangpur in northwestern Bangladesh convicted a man named Titu Roy for making derogatory, anti-Islam remarks on Facebook, sentencing him to ten years in prison.

Islamic Cleric Lynched in Pakistan Over Alleged Blasphemy

A local Muslim religious leader was beaten to death by an angry mob in Pakistan after allegedly making “blasphemous” remarks during an opposition party rally, which came at a time when lynchings due to blasphemy allegations continue to rise in the country.

Ukraine "Blasphemes" Hindu Goddess Kali, Sparking Indian Backlash

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense caused a stir among Indian netizens after tweeting a photo portraying the Indian goddess Kali morphed over a blast fume on April 30th, deeming it “Hinduphobic” and “disrespectful.”

The official Twitter account of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense posted the image showing Kali superimposed over the fumes. The picture depicted the Hindu goddess of war and destruction posing awkwardly with her tongue sticking out and having a Marilyn Monroe-like upskirt moment, with a wreath of skulls around her neck.