Polish Pop Star WINS Blasphemy Case!

In mid-September, The European Court of Human Rights ordered Polish authorities to pay pop star Dorota Rabczewska damages in the amount of $9,300 for a ruling they overturned.

The case goes back to a 2009 television interview where “Doda” said that she was more convinced by dinosaurs than the bible, adding that “it’s hard to believe in something written by people who drank too much wine and smoked weed.”

"Undermining Islam;" Moroccan Given 2 Years Imprisonment for Blasphemy

In Morocco, an internet user was sentenced to two years in prison for the charges of undermining and “attacking” the Islamic religion.

On September 13, a Moroccan woman, blogger Fatima Karim, was sentenced to two years in prison by the Court of Appeal of Khouribga for "undermining the Islamic religion" after she posted “offensive” writings on Facebook.

ISIS Attack on India Stopped by Russia

A self-proclaimed member of the Islamic State has been arrested in Russia for planning a terrorist attack in India. The Russian Federal Security Service released information regarding the would-be attacker’s plan to kill a leader of India's ruling government in a suicide bombing. The attack was planned as retaliation for the insults aimed at the Prophet by the now ex-BJP spokesperson, Nupur Sharma.

Christians Flip Out Over TikToker's "Blasphemous" Holy Trinity Bikini

Tiktok celebrity and model Addison Rae is at the center of controversy after sharing a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a swimsuit that many believe to be blasphemous against the Christian faith. Rae has since deleted the post, but the picture has been downloaded by many and has become a viral sensation.

“Blasphemous" QR Code on Sparks Protests and Vandalism in Pakistan

On July 1,  Pakistan Police arrested 27 Samsung employees at a mobile store after a mob turned violent at the Star City mall in Karachi. Protests began after a WiFi device was installed at the mall, which allegedly made blasphemous remarks against the Prophet Muhammad and his companions. In retaliation, a violent crowd gathered at the spot and damaged signboards and goods.

Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Death for Saying ‘Jesus is Supreme’

Pakistan's Blasphemy law has ruined many and sometimes taken lives since the country declared independence. In a recent hearing, a Christian believer named Ashfaq Masih, a mechanic was sentenced to death for blasphemy. The man was accused of insulting Prophet Muhammad by saying, "Jesus is supreme."