Saudi Textbooks Erase Palestine: A New Shift in Middle East Politics?

Research made by an Israeli think tank revealed that textbooks from Saudi Arabia showed significant moderation of anti-Israel and antisemitic material, while references to Palestine were removed from most maps and lessons where they previously appeared, pointing to the possibility of the ultraconservative Muslim kingdom laying the groundwork for normalizing ties with the Jewish state.

Culture Clash in Israel: How Far Will Gender Segregation Go?

Since the rise of Israel’s most right-wing government in its history, which included ultra-Orthodox and far-right parties in its alliance, many activists and ordinary Israelis are worrying about the rise of sex segregation in many areas of public life.

"Capitalism Crackdown"? No Shorts Allowed for Women in North Korea!

Wearing shorts, especially during the hot summer, is something many people worldwide take for granted. But in North Korea, wearing shorts with a length above the knee may get you in trouble for violating “socialist etiquette” by sporting what authorities describe as “capitalist fashion.” However, the rule applies only to women, and North Korean men can wear shorts as they please.

Scandal: Gay Sex Tape of Iranian Hijab-Enforcing Official Leaked!

An Iranian official in the northwestern province of Gilan was sacked after a sex tape involving him and a young man was leaked on social media.

'Lesbian Love Jihad' Sparks Mass Protest in India

Since the “love jihad” conspiracy theories started spreading in India due to the rise of right-wing Hindu nationalism, many Muslim men were targeted in the country for allegedly luring Hindu women into Islam via love and marriage. But in a bizarre plot twist, a Muslim woman was accused of love jihad after allegedly running off with another girl.

'Send them to India': The Cost of Celebrating Holi at a Pakistani College

Students at a Pakistani university received a disciplinary notice for participating in Holi celebrations at their campus, sparking debate on celebrating religious activities from other faiths in the Muslim-majority nation.

Muslim Writer Shockingly Advocates for Child Marriage

Is it wrong for adults to marry minors, regardless of culture or society? Muslim-American writer and founder of the Muslim Skeptic, Daniel Haqiqatjou, believes there’s nothing wrong with marrying nine-year-old girls if they are physically mature.

Haqiqatjou made these statements during a lecture titled "LGBTQ Agenda in the Education System and Homeschooling Our Children" at An-Noor Cultural Center in Queens, New York City, on June 2nd.