Indian Professor Suspended for Question on Hindutva & Fascism Similarities

A professor at a university in Uttar Pradesh was suspended for a test that asked students about similarities between fascism, nazism, and right-wing Hindutva.

Sharda University, located in Noida in Uttar Pradesh, suspended Waqa Farooq Kuttay, an Assistant Professor, while investigating the matter. The university also issued a show-cause memorandum to Kuttay, asking for an explanation.

Indian State Gov Makes Hindu Scripture Part of Curriculum for Grades 6-12

On Thursday, March 17, in Gujarat, India, the state government announced that Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu holy scripture, will be integrated into the curriculum for grade 6 to grade 12 students. The announcement was made during a legislative assembly for budgetary allocations for the education department.

New Studies Show Iranian Men Are Moving Away From "Honor-Culture" Attitudes

Two promising studies published by universities in Iran showed heartwarming and scientifically backed realities. Iranian men, especially in the younger generations, increasingly support women's rights and oppose violence against them.

Both studies targeted male student populations in Iran's Mazandaran province and the city of Mashhad in the Razavi Khorasan Province.

Christian "Revival" at High School Sparks Student Protest for Secularism

On Wednesday, February 9, more than a hundred students walked out during their homeroom period at West Virginia’s Huntington High School. The students were protesting a Christian revival assembly where some students were obliged to attend by their teachers.

The students chanted "separate the church and state" and "my faith, my choice” during the walkout.

Oklahoma Bill to Allow Teachers to be Sued for "Opposing Religious Beliefs"

Rob Standridge, a Republican Senator from Oklahoma, has introduced a stupefyingly callous, religiously inspired bill to the Oklahoma senate. Known as the Students' Religious Belief Protection Act, the bill seeks to penalize educators who oppose students' "closely held religious beliefs."

“After-School Satan Club” Sparks Outrage

On January 20, the city school district of Lebanon, Ohio, released a statement in response to a group of parents concerned over the After-School Satan Club meeting. According to a school official, the club’s organizers were able to complete the “required application, the facility use agreement, and provided the necessary documentation, and were approved.”