Egyptian Journalist Investigated for Questioning Muhammad's Ascension

An Egyptian journalist's statement sparked outrage among Egypt's hardline Islamists, accusing the journalist of committing "contempt of Islam." Ibrahim Issa, an outspoken critic against Muslim groups, claimed on Friday, February 18, that the Prophet Muhammad's journey to Jerusalem never happened.

Egyptian Bill to Jail Wife-Beaters Reignites Religious Debate

By Abdulla Gaafarelkhalifa

On February 1, 2022, the Egyptian parliament discussed increasing the penalty for wife-beating proposed by a female lawmaker, Amal Salama. Salama stated that she did not believe the current penal code provided “appropriate penalties” for domestic violence.

As it stands, women are unprotected as no law specifically criminalizes domestic abuse against women. Salama’s proposal details imprisonment of up to five years for men who beat their wives.

Influential Egyptian Author Supports Removal of Religion from ID cards

Egypt’s former Culture Minister, Gaber Asfour, has vocally expressed his support in removing the religious identity section from Egypt’s National ID. Responding to a question on the public opinion program, Rai Aam, Asfour asked, “Do you have to specify in the card that you are a civilian Muslim or a Salafi Muslim? This no longer happens; we are not in the time of the Taliban.”

Gaza Revises Recent Ruling That Women Need Male Permission to Travel

On Sunday, February 14th, a Hamas-run Islamic court ruled that unmarried women in the Gaza Strip now require permission from a male ‘guardian’ to travel, which is usually an older male relative. A married woman would require approval from her husband. Permission to travel without guardianship would have to be authorized by a court.