Facebook Launches “I Prayed” Button & Other New “Prayer Services”

In 2017, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in a "connecting the world" manifesto, stated that religion and religious communities are the things his company will focus on for "faith partnership." In December 2020, Facebook started rolling out its "I Prayed" button tool for Facebook groups in the United States.

Catholic Church Misused Funds Intended for Residential School Survivors

In 2005, the churches that took part in running and managing the residential schools on behalf of the Canadian government were poised to pay for reparations. The Anglican, Catholic, United, and Presbyterian Churches were all asked to pay, in amounts particular to each church, during the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement of 2005.

Vatican Announces Jarring Criminal Trial vs Cardinal, Clergy, Laypeople

On July 27, a meteoric criminal trial took place in a makeshift courtroom inside the Vatican Museum. More than ten clergymen, and laypeople, went on trial for alleged corruption and massive fraud unfolding within the walls of the holy city. Amongst the indicted individuals is Cardinal Angelo Becciu. This trial is the first-ever in the church’s history, where a cardinal is investigated for financial crimes.