Jewish Woman Kidnapped and Raped in Horrific "Revenge for Palestine" Attack

A man in France was arrested and will be put on trial for allegedly kidnapping, raping, and making death threats against a French Jewish woman, with the suspect reportedly seeking revenge for Palestinians, local French media reported.

France Battles "Islamist Infiltration" by Suing Lying Student in Hijab Row

The French government is seeking to file charges against a high school student after she falsely accused her former principal of assaulting her after he made her remove her headscarf on school premises, according to the French prime minister.

France Immediately Deports Radical Imam for Insulting National Flag

After a “radical” Tunisian imam made insulting comments against the tricolor, the French national flag, France’s interior ministry announced that they expelled the imam from the country.

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter) on February 22nd that he asked for an expulsion order to be issued for 53-year-old Mahjoub Mahjoubi after the imam appeared in a viral video where he seemed to have referred to the French flag as "satanic.

French Teachers Strike Over Safety After Muslim Backlash to Nude Art

Teachers at a school in a town near Paris went on strike amid fears for their lives after one of their colleagues sparked outrage over a 17th-century painting that she showed to Muslim students during class.

6 Teens Convicted in Beheading of French Teacher Accused of Blasphemy

More than three years after a French secondary school teacher was killed and beheaded by a Chechen Muslim refugee for showing cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad during a class, a court in France has convicted six teenagers connected with the 2020 murder of Samuel Paty.

Paris Knife Attacker Said That “He Could No Longer Bear to See Muslims Dy..

A French man was arrested after stabbing a German tourist and injuring two others with a hammer in central Paris near the Eiffel Tower.

France Tightens Religious Clothing Ban: Islamic Abayas Banned in Schools

Ahead of the upcoming return of students to their classrooms, France’s education minister announced that the country will ban pupils from wearing the abaya, a loose-fitting, full-length robe worn by some Muslim women, in state schools.

The Hijab Ban That's Shaking French Soccer

France's highest administrative court ruled on June 29th that the country’s soccer federation has the right to ban players from wearing headscarves during matches, even if the action means limiting their freedom of expression.

Clergy Sexual Abuse: French Catholic Church's New Digital ID Strategy

In a bid to tackle sexual abuse that has rattled the institution for years, the Catholic Church in France issued new digital ID cards with scannable QR codes to members of the clergy to help identify priests who face charges of sexual abuse.

14 Accused of Terrorism in Trial Over French Teacher's Beheading

More than two years after an Islamic extremist murdered and beheaded a French secondary school teacher in October 2020, French prosecutors sought to convict 14 suspects related to the crime. This incident shocked France and the world.