Shocking Islamist Marches Have Germany on Edge

Around two weeks after they organized a demonstration in Hamburg in April, which included calls for a caliphate to be established in Germany, the Islamist group Muslim Interaktiv organized a new but strictly monitored rally on May 11th, where 2,300 people attended to protest against what they see is censorship against them by the German government.

Alarming: German Muslim Students Favor Sharia Over Country's Own Laws

A shocking new study in Germany determined that many schoolchildren are converting to Islam in German schools because many Christian students feel like outsiders and are desperate to try and fit in.

Islamists March for Caliphate in Germany; Sparking Backlash

More than a thousand people marched through the streets of Hamburg in Germany on April 27th, calling for a “righteous caliphate” to be established in the country, arguing that it is necessary to fix the issue of media representation of Muslims in the European nation.

Hamas Terror Ring Busted in Germany and Netherlands

A cross-border Hamas plot was busted after authorities in Germany and the Netherlands arrested four men suspected of being part of the terror ring. German prosecutors said the plot was meant to obtain weapons to target Jewish institutions all over Europe.

Germany Bans Turkish-Trained Imams, Sets Integration Plan

Germany’s interior ministry announced on December 14th that it would stop accepting imams sent from Turkey and would instead train imams on home soil in a bid to boost integration of the country’s growing Muslim population. The issue of Turkish-trained imams has become a source of tension between Germany and Turkey.

German Catholic Employees Caught Red-handed Trying to Access Adult Sites!

An archbishop in one of the most important Catholic dioceses in Germany couldn’t help but express his disappointment on August 18th after he discovered that the employees of his diocese used their work computers to try to access pornographic websites.

Radical Islam Unveiled: Germany’s Stunning Action Against Islamic Center

The Federal Administrative Court of Germany upheld a ruling that the Islamic Center in Hamburg, also known as the “Blue Mosque,” is an "extremist Islamic organization” for its activities, such as supporting the Iranian government.

Artificial Evangelist: The Church That Turned to AI for Spiritual Guidance

Artificial intelligence models like ChatGPT are increasingly becoming more popular and helpful in performing tasks like programming, research, and writing. But with all its current limitations, can artificial intelligence deliver a good sermon just like a priest, pastor, or imam would do?

Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Kills 7 in Church Shooting

A gunman in Germany stormed and fired bullets inside a building used by the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Hamburg on the evening of March 9th, killing seven people and injuring many others before taking his own life.