Exposing How ‘Quranic Healers' are Sexually Abusing Women

Spiritual healers are common in every religion, and Islam is no exception. But while faith healers in other religions were criticized for fraud, Quranic healers, also called raqi, were prone to sexually abusing and exploiting their female clients.

Moroccan Islamic Clerics & Conservatives Unite Against Women's Rights

After a group of women’s rights associations in Morocco united and launched a campaign called “It's Time to Change the Law" to fight for equal rights, Islamic clerics and conservative social media influencers also banded together to oppose this campaign.

On May 2, 2023, several women’s rights activists and organizations unveiled the campaign to call for changes in Morocco’s laws, notably its Family Code and Family Law, to align with the country’s constitution and international obligations regarding women’s rights.

Arrested for "Insulting Islam," Moroccan Woman Begins Hunger Strike

A Moroccan woman went on hunger strike after authorities jailed her for blasphemy charges, her family stated on Tuesday.

39-year-old blogger Fatima Karim was detained by Moroccan police in July and was found guilty of "attacking the Islamic religion via electronic means" after posting satirical comments about Islam and the Koran on Facebook.

She was sentenced to two years in prison on August 15.

"Undermining Islam;" Moroccan Given 2 Years Imprisonment for Blasphemy

In Morocco, an internet user was sentenced to two years in prison for the charges of undermining and “attacking” the Islamic religion.

On September 13, a Moroccan woman, blogger Fatima Karim, was sentenced to two years in prison by the Court of Appeal of Khouribga for "undermining the Islamic religion" after she posted “offensive” writings on Facebook.

State-Enforced Starvation: Moroccans Arrested for Eating During Ramadan

On Wednesday, April 27, Moroccan police raided a cafe in Casablanca and arrested individuals eating and drinking during the daytime. The detained individuals were accused of breaking their fast during Ramadan.

Morocco, a Muslim-majority country, is observing the month of Ramadan, which runs from April 1 to May.