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British Teacher Suspended for Using Mug with Image of the Prophet Mohammed

A teacher at a UK grammar school was suspended over a mug depicting an image of the Prophet Muhammad. The unnamed teacher from Colchester Royal Grammar School in Essex was photographed carrying the mug in the playground.

The same mug has also been repeatedly "shown off" during class discussions, The Daily Mail reported.

The mug features an image from the cartoon series Jesus and Mo.

Woman Stabs Date to "Avenge" Iranian General Killed by US Drone Strike

A woman has been accused of stabbing her date in a Nevada hotel room on March 5. According to court documents submitted by the police, the 21-year old Nika Nikoubin wanted revenge for an Iranian leader killed by an American drone strike in 2020.

Nikoubin met the victim online through the Plenty of Fish online dating website.

Egyptian Journalist Investigated for Questioning Muhammad's Ascension

An Egyptian journalist's statement sparked outrage among Egypt's hardline Islamists, accusing the journalist of committing "contempt of Islam." Ibrahim Issa, an outspoken critic against Muslim groups, claimed on Friday, February 18, that the Prophet Muhammad's journey to Jerusalem never happened.