Sexual Assault

ISIS Bride Sentenced to Death

A court in Iraq sentenced one of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s wives to death after she was charged with being allegedly complicit in crimes committed by the Islamic State against Yazidi women, Iraq’s judiciary announced on July 10th.

Leaked Video Exposes Taliban Gang Rape of Woman's Rights Activist

Amidst mounting reports of sexual violence being inflicted on women and girls held in detention in Afghanistan, video evidence of a female Afghan human rights activist being tortured and sexually abused by armed members of the Taliban has surfaced, believed to be the first direct evidence of such crimes occurring in the country since the Taliban took over in 2021.

Leak: Iranian Forces Sexually Violated 16-Year-old Protester Before Killing

A leaked internal document written by three members of Iran’s security forces revealed that an Iranian female teenager arrested for protesting against the regime was sexually assaulted and brutally murdered.

Jewish Woman Kidnapped and Raped in Horrific "Revenge for Palestine" Attack

A man in France was arrested and will be put on trial for allegedly kidnapping, raping, and making death threats against a French Jewish woman, with the suspect reportedly seeking revenge for Palestinians, local French media reported.

Stoning & Crucifixion: Yemeni Houthis Sentence 9 to Death for Homosexuality

A Houthi court has sentenced nine Yemeni men to death in a mass trial based on “dubious” charges of sodomy last March, which follows after the radical Shia Islamist group sentenced 13 men to death for homosexuality in February.

Islamist Militants Launch Massive Kidnapping of Girls in Northeast Nigeria

A crisis is brewing in northeastern Nigeria as local media reports of suspected Islamic militants abducting dozens of victims near a camp for internally displaced people (IDP) emerged this week.

Brutal Acid Attack Shocks the UK; Suspect Still on the Loose

A brutal chemical attack against a woman and her two children in the United Kingdom is currently under investigation after a man, believed to have been in a relationship with the victim, threw a highly corrosive, alkaline liquid substance at the woman.