Sexual Assault

Brutal Acid Attack Shocks the UK; Suspect Still on the Loose

A brutal chemical attack against a woman and her two children in the United Kingdom is currently under investigation after a man, believed to have been in a relationship with the victim, threw a highly corrosive, alkaline liquid substance at the woman.

Exposing How ‘Quranic Healers' are Sexually Abusing Women

Spiritual healers are common in every religion, and Islam is no exception. But while faith healers in other religions were criticized for fraud, Quranic healers, also called raqi, were prone to sexually abusing and exploiting their female clients.

Nun Sexting Scandal: Accused Priest Refuses to Cooperate

An American priest has been suspended from his duties as a clergy member for being involved in a sex scandal with a nun. He refuses to cooperate with the church’s investigation on the issue.

Children or Brides? Exposing "Forced Puberty" in Syria

A new report published by TinyHand, an independent digital news platform for covering stories of children in conflict and crisis zones, reveals the horrifying practice of forced puberty across camps in Northern Syria, an area beset by decades of war and a devastating earthquake last February 2023 that displaced millions and killed thousands.

Investigation Reveals 450+ Clergy Abusers in the Illinois Catholic Church

A shocking investigation released by the Illinois Attorney General’s office on May 23rd revealed that 451 Catholic clergymen sexually abused nearly 2,000 children in the state within 70 years, more than four times than the 103 victims reported by the church when investigations began in 2018.

Satanic Panic Nightmare Ends: Wrongful Conviction Dismissed After 30 Years!

A man in San Antonio was officially exonerated after being wrongfully imprisoned for eight years during the Satanic Panic in the United States, where thousands of unsubstantiated cases were made.