Sharia Law

Sharia Law

Only 1 in 4 British Muslims Agree Hamas Committed Atrocities

A shocking new poll discovered that almost a third of Muslims in the United Kingdom hold a positive view of Hamas and want Sharia law to be implemented in the country within the next 20 years.

Taliban Declares "We Will Stone Women to Death in Public"

The Supreme Leader of the Taliban has vowed to start stoning women to death in public as he announced the fight against Western democracy will continue, further marking the Taliban’s quick return to harsh punishments in public after an American-led withdrawal of Afghanistan in 2021 and the Taliban's subsequent return to power following the departure.

‘F*** Sharia’: Turkish Lawyer Arrested for Bold Tweet

A lawyer in Turkey was put in prison after she criticized Sharia law in one of her several posts on social media, including one where she said “f*** sharia” in response to a Persian poem. 

Has Denmark Fallen to Islamism? Danish Parliament Bans Quran Burnings

After the Danish government announced last July that they would seek a “legal tool” to prevent the series of Quran burnings that rocked the country as well as neighboring Sweden, the Danish parliament recently passed a bill that will outlaw burning the Quran in public places.

Taliban's Dark Reign: The Alarming Surge in Female Suicides in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has seen a rising surge of women taking their own lives or trying to do so since the Taliban took over the country in 2021 and made attempts to reduce women’s role in public life, showing desperation among Afghan women to escape a regime that constantly deprives them of rights and freedoms.

UK Imam's Shocking Lecture on Stoning Women To Death Sparks Outrage!

An imam in the United Kingdom stirred anger after a video of him lecturing how to stone women to death went viral on social media, with his mosque facing an investigation from authorities after public funding was stopped after the video emerged on the Internet.

Taliban Spokesman Drops Bombshell: Women Must Hide Faces or Lose Value!

A spokesperson for a key ministry in Afghanistan’s Taliban government declared on August 17th that Afghan women would lose their value if men could see their faces uncovered in public. He also claimed that many religious scholars agree that women should cover their faces when outside their homes.

The Heartbreaking Persecution of Musicians Under Taliban Rule

Since the Taliban seized power as a US-led coalition of foreign military forces left Afghanistan in August 2021, they imposed wide-sweeping restrictions against women based on their strict interpretation of Islam and Sharia law.