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Are Atheists America's Most Hated Group? Shocking Findings From New Survey

The Pew Research Center published a new report on March 15th, revealing how Americans view different religious groups in the country. Conducted from September 13 to 18, 2022, the survey gathered data from 10,588 participants, with a margin of error of 1.5%.

The study discovered that 40% to 60% of the respondents said they hold “neither favorable nor unfavorable” views or “don’t know enough to say” when asked if they had positive or negative feelings towards other religious groups.

Catholic Group Spent Millions to Out Priests As Gay Using Dating Apps

A conservative, Colorado-based Catholic group reportedly spent millions of dollars to gather information and identify priests who use gay dating apps and share those data with bishops nationwide.

Satanists Demand Equal Access to School Clubs in Lawsuit

A school district in Pennsylvania is threatened with being sued by an after-school Satanist club after allegedly refusing them access to school grounds for religious activities, a report from the Guardian has revealed.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sent a letter to the Saucon Valley school district on behalf of the club, asking them to allow the After School Satan Club (ASSC) to access school facilities in line with the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Autistic Teen Expelled & Threatened with Death After Dropping Quran

An autistic Year 10 (or equivalent to Grade 9 in the US) student from Wakefield, England, was dismissed from his school and bombarded with death threats after an event where a Quran was allegedly “disrespected.”

First-of-Its-Kind Caste Discrimination Ban in Seattle is Historical in...

Seattle has made history in both the US and the world by passing a measure explicitly banning caste discrimination, becoming the first major city in the US to do so. It also comes at a time when caste discrimination persists in many parts of the globe.

Congresswoman Claiming Jewish Heritage Exposed as Nazi Granddaughter

An American politician who claimed to be Jewish turns out to be the granddaughter of a Nazi officer.

On February 10th, The Washington Post shed light upon Florida Republican congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna's true origins and called her out for lying about her Jewish heritage in an interview in November 2022 with the Jewish Insider.