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Male Pastor Slut Shamed for "Sexy" Skinny Jeans

A pastor from South Dakota was chastised by a congregation member for dressing “too sexy on purpose” after wearing skinny jeans while preaching.

40-year-old Reverend Adam Weber received a letter in red ink from an anonymous churchgoer of his multi-campus congregation Embrace Church, criticizing his fashion style for being “completely offensive” and “morally wrong.”

Sikhs Sue US Marines For "Religious Freedom" Violations of Uniform Policy

On April 11, four Sikhs sued the US Marine Corps for refusing to allow their religious articles of faith. As the latest court date approaches, veterans and Muslim and Jewish groups have signed on to support them.

Model Amber Rose Reveals Her Ideal Man is an Atheist

Amber Rose posted on Instagram listing the qualities she would like in a man, and it sparked a debate on social media about atheists and dating.

The American model is famous for her past relationships with celebrities such as Ye, Wiz Khalifa, and Machine Gun Kelly. She is also widely known for her outspoken feminism and for organizing a transnational movement called SlutWalk, which aims to combat rape culture and end victim blaming and slut shaming against women.

Louisiana High School Students Tricked into Attending Sick Religious Event

High School students in a Louisiana school district were hoaxed into attending a religious event. Students were told they would attend a college and career fair but were surprised to arrive at a church.

School administrators told students at the East Baton Rouge Parish School System that they would attend a career fair called "Day of Hope."

Instead of meeting colleges and companies for a possible career, students were sent to a church called Living Faith Christian Center.