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US Condemns “Insulting” Remarks Against Islam Made by India's Ruling Party

On June 16, in a daily press conference, US State Department spokesman Ned Price responded to a query about the insulting comments against Prophet Mohammed made by two BJP leaders in India. Price responded that the remarks made by members of India's ruling government were offensive, and the US condemned their actions.

US Supreme Court Decision Compels Maine to Fund Religious Schools

The US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the two Christian families that filed a lawsuit and subsequent appeal against the exclusion of religious institutions in Maine’s tuition assistance program. On June 21, six of the nine supreme court judges voted that the state cannot prevent parents from using public subsidies to send their children to religious schools.

Anti-Caste Activist's Talk at Google Canceled After Employees get Doxxed

A talk on casteism at Google’s HQ was canceled in light of pressure from employees who claimed their lives were at risk if Thenmozhi Soundararajan was permitted to speak. Thenmozhi is the founder and executive director of Equality Labs, a nonprofit advocating for lower caste individuals, and former president of Ambedkarites Association of North America (AANA).

In the Wake of Mass School-Shootings, Politicians Blame Atheism

On Tuesday, May 31, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) released an article condemning politicians who blamed the Texas school shooting "on atheism, irreligiosity or lack of faith."

The FFRF "is condemning a recent barrage of troubling comments by politicians callously blaming the Texas school shooting on atheism, irreligiosity, or lack of faith," the article said.

New Report Exposes Hindu-Nationalist Influence in the United States

A report published in the South Asia Citizens Web shows an intensive network of Hindutva-related organizations in the United States responsible for information campaigns and fundraising.

South Asia Citizens Web is an online repository that hosts literature and documents related to fundamentalist politics and the diminishment of secularism. The website has been operating since 1996, according to its description.

Christian Homework Asks Kids to Explain How to Make Their Friends Straight

Students in a Christian middle school in Kentucky, USA, were assigned a writing project where they contacted a hypothetical gay friend and tried to persuade them to stop being gay.

"Send Nudes;" NASA to Send Human Nudes into Space to Tempt Aliens

NASA plans on beaming naked pictures of a man and a woman into outer space in a bid to encourage any intelligent alien life forms to respond to the message.

Published on March 25, the "A Beacon in the Galaxy" project provides an updated binary-coded message developed for transmission to extraterrestrial intelligence in the Milky Way galaxy.