Teen Refuses to Do Homework After Principal Axes Religious Display

Anthony Miller

A student in Ohio said he is on strike and he will not be doing any homework since his principal decided to take down a Ten Commandments plaque from one of the walls of his school. Freshman Anthony Miller claims to be very unhappy after a copy of the Ten Commandments, which was situated near a staircase to the hallway, was removed at Harding High School in Marion, Ohio. Reportedly the plaque had been on display since 1953, when the graduating batch that year gifted it to the school. The plaque was removed in September this year and Miller has been protesting ever since.

Marion City Schools said the decision to take down the plaque was reached after the school received a legal threat but that explanation does not seem to satisfy Miller, who has refused to do any homework, class assignments or participate in any other school activities since September.

“I don’t care about my grades right now,” said Miller, who is attending class despite his refusal to do work. “I told the principal, until there is an agreement reached, I will not participate in any Harding-related activities, any Marion City Schools-related activities. Sports, choir, classes, whatever. I won’t even wear my Harding Marching Band shirt.”

Miller said even though he is aware of the consequences of his protest, his priority is to get across a crucial point. As a result, school officials have met to discuss resolutions that can be incorporated to deal with the current situation. Superintendent Gary Barber met with Miller last week to explain the school’s dearth of options as far as the plaque is concerned. The two will meet again on January 6 to decide the fate of the plaque.

“Our responsibility, when we’re challenged, is we do what’s in line with the law,” said Barber.

Miller, however, plans to continue his protest unless the plaque is put up again. He has been circulating a petition to garner signatures from fellow students, who too want the plaque re-installed on the school’s walls.

The school district said Miller would not be punished for his protest unless of course he disrupts regular school functioning.

Photo Credits: Fox News

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